Monday, March 7, 2011

Staff & Volunteers Tour Smithsonian Exhibit

Over 20 staff and volunteers toured the Smithsonian Exhibit "Journey Stories" in Mercer, Tenn.
The Center's staff and volunteers were treated to a special viewing of the Smithsonian Exhibit "Journey Stories" Monday, February 28.

Mr. Billy telling stories on the way to Mercer.
Traveling by bus, we headed to Mercer compliments of the Big Black Creek Historical Association. Our tour guide was Mr. Billy King.

Mary, Marcina and Sandra
The exhibit traces our migration from the Native Americans to present day. What really makes this exhibit special is the companion pieces put together by the BBCHA and the fact that Mercer is the smallest venue a Smithsonian exhibit has been.

Nina, Kathy and Janet
The exhibit will be on display for public viewing on Fridays and Saturdays, 10-5; and Sunday, 2-5, through April 3.

Visit BBCHA website for more details:

Carolyn and Becky
The whole group enjoying the exhibit.
Beth, Landon and Bro. Tim